1885 - Shawmut Fuse Wire Company formed in Boston, MA
1928 – Ferraz Fuse founded by Lucien Ferraz
1958 - Chase Shawmut acquired by I-T-E Imperial.
1976 - I-T-E Imperial Corp acquired by Gould inc of East Lake, OH
1980 – Gould acquires the Canadian Electric Fuse – Toronto
1982 – Ferraz acquired by Telemecanique1985 - Carbone Lorraine acquires Ferraz - France
1999 - Carbone Lorraine acquires Gould Shawmut and forms Ferraz Shawmut.
2007 - Ferraz Shawmut acquires Power Fuse group from General Electric - USA
2008 – Ferraz Shawmut acquires majority ownership of MEP/Miro - China
2008 – Ferraz Shawmut acquires R-Theta Thermal Management - Canada
2010 – Ferraz Shawmut acquires M.Schneider Sicherungs-Systeme - Austria
2010 – Carbon Lorraine changes corporate name to Mersen
2012 – Mersen acquires Eldre – USA and France

2014 – Mersen acquires a majority stake in Cirprotec - Spain

For over 125 years, Mersen has been a leading player in the electrical power industry. Here are few highlights from Mersen’s storied history.

درباره شرکت فراز شاوموت فرانسه

شرکت Ferraz Shawmut یکی از زیر مجموعه های شرکت پر قدرت MERSEN فرانسه می باشد که با ادقام شدن با شرکت Gould Shawmut آمریکادر سال 1976به یکی از قدرتمند ترین کارخانه های تولید فیوز در استندارهای مختلف بدل گردیده است.

درباره شرکت فراز شاوموت فرانسه

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