IEC Low voltage general purpose fuses and fusegear

Mersen offers a comprehensive line of European IEC (DIN, NF, BS) fuses, fusegear, and fuse systems.

Providing the widest range of circuit protection products in the industry means that we offer solutions for everyone from OEMs and panel builders to MROs and electrical contractors either directly or via electrical distributors.

NH fuses and fusegear

D-DO fuses and fusegear

IEC Cylindrical fuses and fusegear

BS88 fuses and fusegear

IEC Cylindrical Miniature fuses and fusegear

PV fuses and fusegear

Switch Disconnect

Mersen is a leader in the protection of DIN systems. The offering encompasses a complete range of NH Switch Fuse Disconnectors and any class of NH power fuses : gG, aM, gTr. Thesedevices are to be installed by authorized people.

Historically Mersen as leader in the protection of DIN systems markets D and D0 fuse links and fusegear. These devices should be installed by non-authorized people.

Mersen is renowned leader in the French standard cylindrical fuses and
fusegear for the protection of low voltage. The brand offers premium components
providing space savings combined with low power losses.

The world-class organisation of Mersen offers tried, proven and approved fuses and fusegear complying with the Bristish Standard BS88-2 ensuring the integrity  of the equipment, their devices protected and the safety of people working around them.

Mersen as a global leader in fuses offers a line of IEC miniature fuses for low power electronics purpose.

Mersen HelioProtection® PV products have been tested and certified to the latest industry standards for use in photovoltaic applications and guarantee the level of performance required by the PV industry.

Mersen offers an extensive line of compact IEC fusible and non-fusible disconnect switches ranging from 16A to 4000A. In addition, you can find handle, shaft and accessory options that you require for all of your applications

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