M-fuse MF 100VDC Max. L/R ≤1.5ms, 50 - 200A

M-fuse line-up belongs to the new DC Over-Current protection (O.C.P.) range developed by MERSEN to address specific needs in EV/ HEV and Battery Electrical Storage System. M-fuse provides the ultimate protection of the battery modules offering reliable clearing of DC fault currents. It has been specifically engineered and tested to provide DC-applications best-in-class protection performance: Up to 100VDC, Current rating (In) = 50 to 200A, Interrupting Rating (IR) = 20kA, L/R ≤1.5ms, Minimum Breaking Capacity (MBC) < 1kA.

Design for DC applications
Low watt losses
High cycling performance
Full coverage of battery module voltage and current
Ultra compact size
Current Ratings (In): 50 to 200A
Interrupting Rating: 20kA @ 100VDC, L/R <1.5ms

Connection Terminal Type Blade Or L-bracket
Standards Power Cycling & Vibrations: JASO D622
IATF - ISO/TS 16949 Quality management undergoing certification
Application Battery modules protection
Electrical Energy Storage
Supercapacitor module protection
ROHS Compliant Yes
Lead Free Consult Technical Services
CE conformity Yes

MF100A-4 ,MF100B-4, MF125A-4, MF125B-4, MF150A-4, MF150B-4, MF160B-4, MF175A-4, MF180B-4, MF200A-4, MF50A-4, MF50B-4, MF60A-4, MF60B-4, MF70A-4, MF75B-4, MF80A-4, MF80B-4, MF90A-4

UL CNL Forklift Truck Fuses DIN CNN & CNL fuses

Mersen forklift truck and battery isolator fuses are specially designed for the heavy duty loads associated with DC battery powered equipment such as forklift trucks, hand trucks, motorized work platforms, and other DC battery operated systems. Rugged construction and stud mounted bolt-in design assure a long life in adverse conditions for these fuses. This expanded line of forklift truck fuses can fulfill virtually all of your heavy duty circuit protection needs up to 125V & 130V AC or DC.

All fuses are AC and DC rated Expanded ampere ratings Embossed catalog cumbers for permanent ID

Standards UL Recognized Component to standard 248-1, File E60314
Application Forklift trucks Battery hand trucks Motorized work platforms Battery systems
ROHS Compliant Consult Technical Services
Lead Free Consult Technical Services
CE conformity Consult Technical Services


DIN CNN & CNL fuses